Please read the below carefully prior to making a booking. Your booking will be deemed as an acceptance of all Terms & Conditions (Guided by Asure Quality Code of Practice for Boarding Catteries).

Any information you need to confirm with Dublin Bay can be provided on the BOOKING & CHECKLIST Form obtained from the Dublin Bay website –


  1. All cats must have a full & current vaccination for the duration of the booking against Feline Panleukopenia (FPL – Feline Enteritis), Feline Rhinotracheitis (FRV) and Feline Calcivirus (Cat Flu). Vaccinations must have been performed no less than 10 days prior to admittance to the cattery. Please provide proof of vaccination at time of pick up/admittance.
  2. All cats admitted to the cattery must be desexed.
  3. All cats must be wormed and deflead no less than 14 days prior admittance to the cattery.
  4. Any cat found to have parasites present will be treated by Dublin Bay and all costs associated with this will be payable by you.
  5. It is important you advise Dublin Bay of all information that will assist Dublin Bay in maintaining the well-being of your cat. This includes all information relating to medical, dietary (including full details of any special or prescription diet) and behavioural issues.  You will need to supply any special or description diet food for your cat for the duration of the booking.  If additional special or description diet food is required for your cat during the booking the cost of this will be payable by you.
  6. Dublin Bay can administer any simple medication to your cat (e.g. tablet, diabetic injection.  If a cat is unable to be safely medicated then it may be necessary for the medication to be administered by Dublin Bay’s nominated veterinarian and all costs associated with this (including transport) will be payable by you.
  7. Any medication provided by you must be contained in a secure waterproof container (which can be carried within the applicable cat’s pet carrier), well labelled, and include the necessary medication instructions.
  8. If your cat is booked under a stay of greater than 21 days, you must advise Dublin Bay if your cat requires repeat prescriptions for any medical condition during the booking. These costs, and any re-worming, defleaing or booster vaccination costs (and any other applicable costs) will be payable by you.
  9. Dublin Bay is committed to maintaining the well-being of all cats under its care.  Accordingly, any new cats to be admitted to the cattery will be refused admittance at pick up if there is any evidence of sickness, infection, injury or the vaccinations, worming or flea treatment is not current as detailed in these Terms & Conditions.
  10. If at the discretion of Dublin Bay staff (acting in the best interests of your cat at all time), it is deemed that your cat requires veterinary attention, we will arrange this with Dublin Bay’s nominated veterinarian.  All costs (including transport) associated with this are payable by you.
  11. Please provide your own vet details in the event our vet may need to contact them should they require past veterinary information to help with diagnosis.
  12. Dublin Bay will administer medicines as prescribed by the veterinarian.
  13. If you prefer Dublin Bay to use your own veterinarian please ensure prior arrangements are made with your veterinarian to ensure any costs incurred are charged directly to you.  In the event of an emergency, Dublin Bay reserves the right to use its own nominated veterinarian.
  14. You provide us with permission to euthanase your cat if a veterinarian determines it would be cruel to keep it alive. You also give permission for the veterinarian to carry out a post-mortem to determine the cause of death, as this may be important in assessing whether other cats in the cattery have been exposed to a life-threatening illness. If a veterinarian deems that an elderly cat has died from old age, you agree that a post-mortem is unnecessary.
  15. Grooming will be carried out on your cat free of charge.


  1. All cattery accommodation fees are charged at the full daily rate commencing on the day of admittance to the cattery and everyday thereafter including the day of departure from the cattery.
  2. Dublin Bay reserves the right to charge for the entire duration of a booking regardless of whether the cat is admitted after the commencement date of the booking or the cat departs earlier than the booked departure date.
  3. All fees charged (including transport fees) are GST inclusive.
  4. Payments can be made by cash or EFTPOS (Dublin Bay has a mobile EFTPOS system) and are payable prior to or at the commencement of the booking when your cat is picked up.  Any additional costs incurred during the booking must be paid for at the time of drop-off. Dublin Bay reserves the right to retain the cat until the account is paid in full.
  5. A 50% deposit is required for all bookings over 21 days duration.
  6. Bookings can be amended or cancelled within 7 days of the admission date without penalty. In the event of late cancellation or a reduction to the booking (i.e. cancellation or reduction of booking on less than 7 days’ notice) Dublin Bay reserves the right to charge you in full for the reserved booking.  In the event of a late cancellation or reduction of booking, any deposit paid in respect of the booking is non-refundable.
  7. Dublin Bay reserves the right to amend its fees.
  8. All unpaid accounts will incur late payment fees and collection costs.


  1. Dublin Bay runs very flexible OPENING HOURS to cater for their clients, but does request customers advise prior by phone,email or text of their anticipated arrival. All cats booked for pick up or drop off by Dublin Bay personnel will be done via their own motor vehicle in secure and comfortable cat carriers. Cattery inspections are welcome, but must be made strictly by prior arrangement with Dublin Bay.


  1. You give us permission to release your cat to your emergency contact in the event your cat becomes ill or distressed and needs to be transferred to your emergency contact for isolated care, or in the event you are held up by travel delays, and we may not be able to retain your cat due to other pending bookings.


  1. Dublin Bay provides all the necessary bedding, food/water dishes, litter etc. on site and requests that personal cat belongings (e.g. blanket) sent with the cat be kept to a bare minimum, to reduce the chance of misplacement. Identifiable ‘naming’ of an item would be recommended. Dublin Bay accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any cat belongings.
  2. Dublin Bay may take photos of your cat primarily to send (text/email) to you while you are away to give you added reassurance your cat is happy and well cared. These photos may also be used on our website or social media pages. You must advise Dublin Bay if you do not consent to these photos being used on our website or social media pages.
  3. Dublin Bay will arrange all pick up and drop off of cats to the address as instructed by you at the time of booking. Pre-arranged times will be made as near to the day of pick up/drop off. If Dublin Bay has not been able to contact you regarding a pick up/drop off time, then you need to make direct contact to advise your position. Failure to confirm a pick up time may result in your booking being cancelled, or Dublin Bay will immediately on day of drop off bring the cat directly back to your address or drop with your nominated emergency person.
  4. Dublin Bay reserves the right, at Dublin Bay’s discretion, to rehome or make alternative arrangements for any cat left in our care 14 days after the booked departure day if no contact can be made with you or your emergency contact.
  5. Dublin Bay undertake to treat all cats with the utmost care and respect, and are committed to their health, welfare and well-being. Whilst every care and attention is taken during boarding or in transit, responsibility for cats can only be accepted at your own risk, and Dublin Bay but will not be held responsible for any issues, health, accident or otherwise, death, illness or loss for any reason whatsoever.
  6. We may revise these Terms & Conditions as they apply to any existing cattery booking:

(a) To reflect any changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements; and

(b) As reasonably necessary following any other circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

If we have to revise these Terms & Conditions as they apply to an existing cattery booking, we will contact you to give you reasonable advance notice of the changes and let you know how to cancel the booking (with a full refund of any deposit paid) if you are not happy with the changes.