Our major objective is to give our clients that ultimate peace of mind that when they vacate away for whatever the reason, they know their cat is in the very best hands.

We have the facility to seamlessly integrate all cats into a warm and nurtured home environment where they fit within our family as if it were their own.

Our exclusive and boutique operation is handily placed in central Havelock North. The ambition has been to emulate an environment that does not differentiate from what your cat would naturally expect from its own home.

We have the ability to provide clean sleep quarters with three surrounding outside areas, which include a plant filled deck conservatory one side and through French doors on the other they have a very rustic setting to wander and sleep in during the day. There is also a small internal side room which contains a sofa and TV, with an external door which opens out to a luxurious garden setting with a shingled roof cedar shed.

This whole set up allows us to co-habitate with our cat guests, therefore enabling us to interact and have the cats adapt to our normal way of home living.

About Us

Boutique cat accommodation in Havelock North

Dublin Bay is jointly owned and run by Lilla Gilbertson with assistant help from her husband Jeremy.

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Services & Facilities

Our operation offers a pick up & drop off service

We can offer you the convenience of coming direct to you, so it is one last minute trip you do not have to be concerned with.

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